List Of Best CBD Products For Sleep

CBD Health Benefits

CBD Health Benefits  

Even after trying out everything to improve sleep, some often face consistent sleep troubles, and as an immediate cure, they depend on sleep inducing drugs. Most of the sleep drugs have multiple side effects and instead of regulating the sleep/wake cycle, these drugs produce a sedative effect and induce sleep.

The working mechanism of CBD is different from sleep drugs, as it aims to regulate the sleep/wake cycle and improve the quality of the user’s life. Here is a list of best CBD oils for sleep.

Blue Ribbon Hemp Broad-Spectrum Tincture

As we grow old, the number of ailments that trouble us increases and old people are more prone to diseases like arthritis that is associated with multiple pain symptoms. Chronic pain adversely affects the quality of sleep, which is why seniors often report sleep issues more often than younger adults do.

Blue Ribbon Hemp tincture is specially designed for seniors and every 30 mL bottle has 1000 mg CBD and the concentration is indicative of its high potency. The tincture is made from broad-spectrum hemp extract and thus is completely free of THC. Being easily digestible, MCT oil base contributes to the easy digestion of the Blue Ribbon Hemp Tincture.

The tincture comes with delicious mango flavor that can mask its after-taste effectively. By understanding the senior users’ health profile well, the tincture bottles does not come with CRC caps, so that users with joint pain and arthritis do not find it difficult to open the bottle cap.

Besides the broad-spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil and mango flavor, the tincture does not have any additional ingredients, and the ingredient profile retains the high potency of the tincture.

Sabaidee CBD Oil

The brand offers CBD oils of varying strengths customized for people suffering health issues of varying severities. The mildest Sabaidee CBD oil is Good Vibes that can address mild sleep issues while the strongest oil, Mega Good Vibes is suitable for severe sleep issues. Good Vibes has 8.33 mg of CBD per serving whereas Mega Good Vibes has 88.3 mg CBD per serving.

Natural ingredients like peppermint oil and stevia leaf extract give a natural cool mint flavor to the oils. If you like your CBD oil unflavored, you can choose Pure Good Vibes that has no ingredients other than CBD extract and MCT oil.

Sabaidee CBD oil is sourced from organic hemp farms and the product quality is strictly monitored. The oils are made using CO2 mode of extraction, which guarantees the removal of residual solvents, chlorophyll and other potential toxins.


To ensure that the products are top quality, CBDpure brand follows strict control policies and manufacturing guidelines. The non-GMO oils are derived from Colorado-grown hemp and do not contain more than 0.3% THC.

CBDPure oils are available in three strengths; 100mg,300mg and 600 mg of CBD. 100 mg bottle offers 3.3 mg of CBD per serving while 300 mg bottle offers 10 mg CBD per serving. 600 mg bottle is the most potent option as it gives 20 mg CBD per serving.


Fab CBD is made from Colorado-grown hemp and Colorado hemp farms are famous for the best organic practices, indicating that the hemp is free of any toxic pesticides or chemicals. Fab CBD oils are third party lab tested and the transparency of the brand is appreciable as it posts the third party lab test results as well as the complete list of ingredients on their website.

The oil is available in 4 different concentrations and flavors including mint, orange etc. The oil differs from other brands in terms of color and consistency as it is light and clear unlike many other CBD oils.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD

The brand uses the best extraction methods and high quality hemp to make its CBD products and to ensure the purity of CBD oils, they conduct third party lab testing. Apart from the multiple health benefits that NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil offers, it is an excellent medication that balances the sleep/wake cycle.

The potency of the oil ranges from 240 mg to 2425 mg and it is made from 100% organically cultivated hemp, and does not have any additives that could dampen its potency. As no flavoring agents are added to the oils, it has a leafy smell and raw taste that is normal for CBD oils.

Royal CBD

Royal CBD oils are made using natural ingredients and the packing does not cause any harm to the environment, making it the ideal choice for people who stand in favor of ethical consumerism. The brand is transparent with its products and publishes the results of third party lab tests on their sites.

The oil is available in 30 mL bottles with 250 mg or 500 mg of CBD and its full spectrum nature assures that you will get the maximum benefits from the hemp plant compounds.

 Unless you are choosy about the CBD products that help solve issues, you cannot get the best benefits out of CBD therapy.