How Is General CBD different From CBDa

CBD For Sleep
CBD For Sleep
Advantages Of Using CBDa
Advantages Of Using CBDa

The popularity and the use of natural CBD is on the rise due to the numerous therapeutic effects that are offered by it. The Cannabis Sativa plant has over a hundred compounds and CBDa is one of those cannabinoids that has gained popularity because of the different health benefits that are associated with its use. Since cannabidiol is the commonly known element obtained from the Cannabis Sativa, most people are unaware of what CBDa is. CBDa which stands for cannabidiolic acid is an acid precursor and is mostly found obtained from the resin of raw Cannabis Sativa. This compound breaks down to cannabidiol from the acid form and the process is called decarboxylation. CBDa is changed into CBD through processes like lighting, baking, and heating.

Understanding CBDa and CBD

Cannabidiol can be found only in small amounts from the cannabis plant, and it exist in Cannabis Sativa as CBDa. It only forms cannabidiol after the plant is cut, dried and heated under certain conditions. CBD is a non-psychoactive element and it does not induce any psychotropic experience to the users. Several studies and researches have shown that THC and CBD are the major components present in Cannabis Sativa, but preclinical shreds of evidence have pointed out the benefits of using the raw plant.

CBDa is one of the hundred compounds that is widely used in the production of a popular form of CBD oil, platinum CBD oil, as it is exhibiting several benefits while treating diseases.

Advantages of Using CBDa

Most laboratory research has revealed that CBDa exhibits numerous anti-inflammatory properties that help in calming down the inflammation. In addition to this, a study which was published during the year 2012 in the British Journal of Pharmacology stated that the use of CBD for treating nausea was found beneficial.

However, while comparing the effectiveness of CBDa with cannabidiol, it was shown that CBDa was found more effective in calming down an upset stomach. Also, researches conducted during the year 2012 have revealed that the use of CBDa has helped in stopping the migration of cells that cause breast cancer. Even though these studies showed positive results, these cells were cultured outside the human body.

How to Use CBDa

High cannabidiol cultivars raw materials contain a higher concentration of CBDa, and it includes hemp and plant cultivars that have a dominant amount of CBD. CBDa can also be included in your daily diet in several ways such as salads, tinctures, juices, and smoothies.

CBDa can be incorporated into your diet in several ways including tinctures, smoothies, salads, and juices.