What You Need To Know About CBD Research

CBD Research
CBD Research
CBD Research
CBD Research

Cannabidiol has only been legalized for over 2 years. Therefore, researchers are still looking into the hemp compound to discover more about it. Without CBD research, it would be nigh-impossible to differentiate facts from half-truths and misconceptions. Consumers may say many positive things about cannabidiol, but it takes clinical investigation to confirm the validity of their claims. Read on for what else you should know regarding CBD studies.

CBD Research Uses Higher Dosages

The doses of cannabidiol used as part of the research are way higher than those of standard hemp CBD goods available in the market. That said, the doses may vary according to the nature of each study. For instance, a study about cannabidiol and speech anxiety may use a 300-milligram CBD dose, whereas a different piece of research may utilize double that dosage. Alongside some other factors, this makes it difficult to pinpoint the specific effects of lower-dose CBD goods on users.

The Research Uses Only A Small Sample Size

It is not feasible to study a large number of people to know the efficacy of a product. The same applies to cannabidiol. Only a fraction of the population is studied. That means any discoveries have to be carefully considered. It makes further research essential to come up with substantiated observations about the compound.

Most Of The Studies Involve Animals

Almost every CBD case study involves animal models, animal cells and other animal parts. These kinds of studies are usually described with the words ‘In Vivo’ and ‘In Vitro’. The former is research done inside or with a living organism. Conversely, the latter is the kind of work performed beyond that organism, and it involves researching the cells of animals in culture.

Most of the animals involved in CBD studies are rodents, especially mice.

Many Of The Studies Use Placebos

The term ‘placebo’ refers to a ‘fake’ medical treatment option utilized in clinical processes of testing the efficacy of other substances. It is almost always used as part of drug studies. In these experiments, a category of people gets that fake drug, whereas the rest receives the product being tested. In this case, that product is CBD.

The thing about any placebo is that those who consume it in a study think that it is a real medical product. Therefore, they may have perceived benefits referred to as ‘the placebo effect’.